So long and thanks for the memories
Released Cosmic 2.0
Updated Default››export
Updated Hand››over
Super excited to share that I’m joining the amazing team at DuckDuckGo to help build a safer, and simpler internet. Privacy, simplified.
Dev By Design
I said I might rebuild my personal website using Next.js too, and I did! It’s such a great technology and now that I have a better understanding of how JavaScript works through building Figma plugi...
Following hot on the heels of my Plugins.run site, I rebuilt my personal website using Next.js. It’s such a great technology and now that I have a better understanding of how JavaScript works throu...
Rebuilt Plugins.run using Next.js. It was a lot of fun and I had it up and running from scratch in a couple of hours. Pulling all my OG data from Cosmic (obviously) and aligning the styling to my p...
After an awesome first year at Moneybox, I was promoted to Product Design Lead. Super excited for how things are going to unfold!
Spoke with the Friends of Figma, Maiduguri community about UK Kits, Design Systems and how they’re not the same. Slides available on the community here.
Had a great time chatting with my friend and colleague on the Product30 podcast about my background and how I got into product design. Topics include: 🛠Breaking into Product Design 🎨Building a desi...
Hand››over was featured by UX Collective in an article on Px versus Rem.
Finished designing and building a new site for my friends at Locally UK using Nuxt, Cosmic and Tailwind.
Tweaked my personal website
Shared an update to the Cosmic dashboard with our customers ahead of beta launch.
Submitted my next plugin, Allto››layout to the Figma community so you can more easily update all your current page's auto-layout frames without having to manually hunt them down!
Didn’t manage to get the role I wanted at Moneybox… but surprise… a year later who knows what might have happened. Never. Give. Up.
Working on some custom illustrations for Make Me A Cocktail as part of a new rebranding effort. Having so much fun doing some non-UI stuff!
Zach submitted Better Logos to the Figma plugins community. A little labour of love that we worked on as collab with Neef from ustwo.
Resigned from my current role as a Product Designer at HomeHero
Accepted a new Product Designer position at Moneybox! https://www.moneyboxapp.com
Building Better Logos Figma plugin
Migrated my personal site to Nuxt.js
Built out the core Base design system for HomeHero including our Day and Night colour systems.
Started testing Daybridge out
Defined and built the Cosmic Interstellar design system including light and dark colour spectrums.
Built NeuerEnergy prototype in Vue.js https://neuerenergy.kejk.tech
Rethinking and redesigning the core brand and experience for Cosmic.