Had a chat about constraints with my buddy @thorms11 asynchronously for his Async Chats newsletter. Thanks for having me!
I'll be giving a talk on January 10th around how the Moneybox team handled the switch from Sketch to Figma alongside some key lessons you can learn if your organisation is gearing up to switch. Com...
Two of my plugins (Get››all and Text››helper) were featured by Figma in their FigJam plugins section on the community!
Bit of a surprise seeing my Plausible stats spike today only to then realise my article on Spatial Design was featured in the @HeyDesigner newsletter!
My mind was blown when I opened my latest Figma Community newsletter to find my Scale››better was included as one of two plugins to check out. Super crazy!
Featured by Figma again in the Plugins That Just Dropped section. Mental.
Featured in The Grey Area of Remote Work. Part 3 https://youtu.be/NSDuGSjkJU8
Featured in The Grey Area of Remote Work. Part 2 https://youtu.be/molMacWqG0M
Spoke about my experiences with remote work via an Adobe-sponsored docu-series called The Grey Area of Remote Work by Thor Schroeder. Part 1 https://youtu.be/3D2Dv2ipYTM
Featured by Figma in the Community under Hidden Gems. Madness.
Hand››over was featured on Figma Elements. https://figmaelements.com/plugins/hand-over/
Round››all featured by Figma Tips and Tricks on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPGAB7JLxI6/?utm_medium=copy_link
Scale››better was featured on Figma Elements. https://figmaelements.com/plugins/scalebetter/
My Round››all plugin was featured on UX Collective. Mind blown.
Mentioned in a company blog post about my love of Apple Fitness+ for mental health awareness week. https://blog.homehero.co.uk/mental-health-awareness-week-the-teams-favourite-resources/