The Struggle between Urgency and Importance: Getting Your Priorities Right
I recently wrote about an approach to successful critiques and how to influence team mates through quiet action.
Wrote about the idea of having a handshake with a developer instead of a handoff. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/design-for-handshakes-not-handovers
Recently wrote about the process of using creativity as a form of catharsis when dealing with tragic life events. This is a very personal post with less to gain educationally, but an important one ...
Knowing when to let an idea go and when to not even go there https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/rumination-iteration-or-procrastination
After seeing and replying to a Tweet by Brian Lovin on startup salaries, I got to thinking about relative seniority in different orgs and thought I'd write about it. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/...
How meta, an article about Polywork and how to learn from their approach, shared on Polywork. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/polywork-linkedin-without-the-suits
Asked by Tempo to write an article about my thoughts on the product as an avid user, minimalist and designer. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/tempo-designing-a-product-that-demands-to-not-be-used
Wrote a short thing about my first week with Moneybox and how starting in customer service is the best thing you can do, whatever your role. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/why-every-designer-should...
What I’ve learnt over the past year https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/what-ive-learnt-over-the-past-year
Spatial Design. Another design approach designers are going to have to know about and design for. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/spatial-design
Design is about people. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/why-users-are-humans
Why designers and developers should learn the basics of sales. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/getting-to-yes
What learning Vue has taught me about the future of design. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/designing-in-code
A free minimal wallpaper of Rams’ Ten Principles https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/ten-principles-for-good-design
This article started off life as an essay on my career. But as I wrote it I realised that as great as that was to me, it'd be more useful for me to provide some key takeaways that you can use in yo...
How development can be learned through a design lens (and how I managed it). https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/code-as-design
I’ve said before that I’ve built this personal site three times so far, and in all three cases it was without any design file in site. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/thinking-in-design-code
I wouldn’t say I believe creativity is a gift we’re born with. I don’t believe my abilities are. But what I think I do have is a natural tendency towards patterns. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/ho...
I’ve long been fascinated by cults from a psychological perspective. Knowing that particular individuals can be so convinced by someone that a set of beliefs and ideals are true, they are willing t...
There’s a concept called DRY in development. It means Don’t Repeat Yourself and is all about code reduction through declaring and reusing shared resources. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/getting-dr...
Not too long ago I decided to set myself a challenge; create and add new content to my website via a CMS. https://www.kejk.tech/thoughts/the-power-of-cosmic
It’s easy to think that automated emails aren’t meant to be replied to but I managed to bag myself a super exciting gig as Cosmic’s Design Lead in my down time by replying to one. https://www.kejk....